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Alicia Rayn, paranormal romance and urban fantasy author


A Twisted Comedy of the Afterlife

Unlucky in life, twice as unlucky in the afterlife?  

What's It About?

When Tuesday dies and becomes a guardian angel, he's sure his luck has turned, but in his struggle to help his ward, he'll have to face were-beavers, old sweethearts, archangels, and even Lucifer himself. And still, death may turn out to be the best thing that's ever happened to him.  

Black-Winged Tuesday is a genre-bending romp through the afterlife that's guaranteed to surprise and entertain.

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Is It Any Good?

Here's what Readers are saying:

  • "This book was one of the funniest books I've ever read..." -Amazon Reviewer

  • "This book was freaking fantastic... To say that the plot is engaging feels like a slight against the plot... Also, it's funny as all get out..." -Pure Textuality Book Reviews

  • "Black-Winged Tuesday is hilarious, daring,... and highly imaginative." -  Amazon Reviewer

  • "Two words: suicidal were-beaver." - GoodReads Reviewer

  • "The Sorting Panties will get you every time...You will not be disappointed reading this book!"Amazon Reviewer