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A Vampire Menage Romance

Blood Bond

Time Travel, Vampires, and Virgins...
Roxanna Collins is a Vegas singer waiting for her big break. She's mostly alone, mostly broke, and uncertain where her future lies. She's also a cutter - a long-term cutter for whom pain has become pleasure.

When a vampire from 1815 draws her to him, she thinks she's lost her mind...or is stuck in a coma back in her shabby apartment. But she manages to get something she didn't have in Vegas - a full-time singing gig.

Okay, so it's at a marginally disreputable gentlemen's club, but at least she's standing on her own two feet and not in jail or shacked up with the first tall, dark, and brooding vampire who walks into her hallucination, right? So what if he's Darren Andrew Highmore, Earl of Richmond...

Her request for a piano player lands her in the company of the very proper, very innocent, Phillip Branham, who can't decide whether he should be polite, disapproving, love with her.

One man loves her and would never hurt her, the other hurts her in ways she's come to need but says he's incapable of love. Must Roxanna choose or can she have them both?

A love story for readers tired of "formula romance," Blood Bond is a multi-layered tale that is "funny where appropriate, intense where necessary, and full of heart throughout." 

If you're looking for something new in romance, try Blood Bond today. 

Contains explicit scenes.


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