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Radish Fiction

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Radish Fiction Logo

Radish Fiction Logo

I've signed up to write for Radish Fiction, a new serial fiction app.  Currently only available for iOS (Get it here) but coming soon to Android.

It works on a Free/Fremium/Premium model where some content is free, other content you can pay for faster access to chapters, and some content is premium only.

They are recruiting a stable of popular authors - traditional and web-only.

The app is pretty slick. If you're looking for new things to read, I suggest you check it out.

I'll be releasing my current erotic romances there: Blood Bond and Bringing Sexy Back. I'll also be re-releasing Black-Winged Tuesday (an audience favorite) there before it's released anywhere else. If you want first read of what, according to one early reviewer, was the "funniest" and "most disturbing" book he's ever read, get over to Radish. Black-Winged Tuesday will be debuting there next Friday.