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#writetip - Forget Structure...Think Design

Alicia Ryan

If you're like me, thinking about the structure of a novel gives you a headache.  All those bits and pieces - plot points, pinch points, mid points, act breaks...OMG.

I've given that up (until MUCH later in the process) in favor of selecting one or two design principles - e.g., the MC will be the villain up until the midpoint, then undergo a dramatic change to become a 'hero' OR a psychological thriller where the 'innocent' victim is much more worldly than her tortured captor and turns the tables on him resulting in a curiously ambiguous ending..

I find that a sentence or two like this will put me far enough down the road to start crafting a scene list.  Then, I have the ingredients to start labeling the finer points and moving them around for plot, pacing.