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P.O Box 2171
Santa Clara, CA 95055

Alicia Rayn, paranormal romance and urban fantasy author


About Me:

I write paranormal fiction because I like to see the ordinary in the extraordinary and vice versa. I write across several genres - from erotic romance to comedic fantasy, and my most fervent wish is that you find things in my work that surprise and delight you.


About the Books:

I'm currently at work on Book 2 in the Tuesday Series. It is being serialized on the Radish Fiction app.

Also, Delilah's Vampire will be coming out in Sept. Stay tuned for an official release date.


Where I Hang:

Follow me on Social Media where I post about writing, books, science, vampires, tv, and other randomness. I'm on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. 

I keep up a running conversation with fans over on my Facebook page. I hope to see you there!